About Alumni Affairs

Mr. Sanjeev P. Jayasinghe Director, Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs

In its sixty years of existence, AIT has produced more than 25,000 alumni from 106 countries and territories around the world. In June 2010, the AIT Alumni Affairs Office (AAO) was established with its Vision to provide a com­mon platform to promote the common interests of AIT and its alumni. Its Mission carries the mandate of developing strong commitments to establish lifelong relations between AlT, its alumni and alumni network, leading to increased support for the Institute’s vision, mission, and goals.

The main Goals of Alumni Affairs is to serve as the main focal point for individual alumni and the AIT Alumni Association (AITAA) and liaise between AIT, AITAA and it’s 27 National/Regional Chapters in a wide array of programs, includ­ing social activities, continuing education and professional develop­ment, among others. It will work to increase the effectiveness and regu­larity of alumni communications through all possible communications means, such as website, periodicals and alumni directory. Furthermore, Alumni Affairs will take an active role in maintaining good relationships between the AIT Administration, AITAA Headquarter and its National Chapters, including as well as all individual alumni.

The office will also actively create partnerships between AIT and alumni, and between alumni in areas of mutual interest. It will take a role in fostering interac­tions between the alumni and current students in the form of industrial mentorship, internship and job opportunities. Above all, the AIT Alumni Affairs Office will help in connecting, networking and enriching AIT alumni and its partners in supporting the strategic goals of their alma mater.