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As a member of our Alumni community, you have had first-hand experience of our thriving and international community on campus when you were a student. However, many postgraduate students do not get the support and opportunities they need in life to achieve their dreams of obtaining high quality postgraduate degrees. The brightest students are often held back by financial burdens and their lack of access to the right accommodation, networks and support.

As a result of the pandemic and its disastrous economic consequences, accessing educational opportunities will become even harder for many exceptionally talented postgraduate students. Incoming students will need our support now more than ever to access the inspiring and supportive environment the Institute provides. Will you get involved and help them follow in your footsteps?

We started the campaign in January 2021 and we raised USD 21,000, thank to the contributions of our alumni, through which we were able to provide a few partial scholarships to academically bright students in August 2021 intake. We hope to collect additional fund that can be used to help students in January and August 2022 intakes as well. We would like to invite you to give a gift and support the AIT Alumni Scholarship Fund.

For your convenience, we offer easy way to Give to AIT via online by only click!

We also like to take this opportunity to inform you on our ongoing Lab Equipment campaign for your consideration of having the option of donating to the Schools Laboratory. This is a very important campaign for the schools to acquire advanced analytical instruments and equipment, constructing teaching laboratories and remodeling preexisting space to attract high quality students and faculty to remain competitive in the region.

Contribution for the Lab Equipment Campaign can be done online by clicking here

For more information on AIT Fundraising Campaign, please click at

If you would like to pay by cheque, money transfer or cash, please email to and we will get in touch with you.

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