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Requesting Alumni Donors Support

AIT’s mission is to be a relevant, respected, global, and well-known technological and entrepreneurial Institute serving Asia and the world and  operating  under five thematic focus areas: Climate Change; Food/Energy/Water; Smart Communities; Infrastructure; and Technology/Policy/Society.  We are also proud of our rich alumni heritage spanning over 6 decades and having graduated over 25,000 alums who now serve as AIT Ambassadors in the different walks of life our alums are in.

Your alma mater asks for your support by way of a cash donation to support the needs of your Institute in offering present and future students named scholarships and  the best facilities like you enjoyed when you were a student. We humbly request you to consider giving back to AIT, and if you so wish you can support AIT in one of the following areas described below based on your interest:


  • Named One Full Master Degree Scholarship (Covering tuition and registration fees including living and accommodation allowances)
    • Thai Baht 1,200,000
  • Named Master Degree Scholarship covering only Tuition and Four Semesters Registration Fee
    • Thai Baht 848,000.
  • Named24 credits Tuition and Two Semesters Registration Fee Master Degree Scholarship
    • Thai Baht 424,000
  • Named 12 credits Tuition and One Semester Registration Fee Master Degree Scholarship
    • Thai Baht 212,000

Student Exchange Scholarship:

Internationalization is a key priority of Dr. Eden Woon, President vision for AIT. Thus, we want to provide our Master’s students with broader opportunities for their further development in order to become responsible global citizens of the world.  This will be done through one-semester academic exchanges with globally recognized prestigious universities.

  • Student Exchange Scholarship – THB 1 million (2 students for a maximum of THB 100,000 per student/year for a period of 5 years)
  • Student Exchange Scholarship – THB 500,000 (1 student for a maximum of THB 100,000 per student/year for a period of 5 years)

Updating of Campus Facilities:

  • Named Student Village (for the life span of the building)- Thai Baht 500,000
  • Named Standard Student Dormitory Unit – Thai Baht 200,000
  • Named Laboratory Equipment – Thai Baht 50,000- 200,000

SET laboratories

  1. Computer Science & Information System (CSIM)
  2. Geotechnical & Earth Resources Engineering (GTE)
  3. Industrial System Engineering (ISE)
  4. Microelectronics and Embedded System (MES)
  5. Nano Technology (Nano)
  6. Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (RSGIS)
  7. Telecommunications (TC) & ICT
  8. Transportation Engineering (TRE)
  9. Structural Engineering laboratory (STE)
  10. Water Engineering & Management (WEM)

SERD laboratories

  1. Agricultural Systems and Engineering (ASE) and Agri-Business Management (ABM)
  2. Aquaculture & Aquatic Resources Management (AARM)
  3. Environmental Engineering & Management (EEM)
  4. Energy
  5. Food Engineering & Bioprocess Technology (FEBT)
  • Named Robert B. Banks Auditorium Activities – Thai Baht 30,000 – 50,000
  • Named Library Reference Material – Thai Baht 30,000 – 50,000


Bank Transfer:
Money transferred to Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited
Account Name:           Asian Institute of Technology
Saving A/C No.          405-9995-670 (Thai Baht and USD)
Branch:                        Thammasart University Hospital Branch
Address:                      95 Moo 8, Klongnueng, Klong Luang, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand
Swift Code:                 SICOTHBK

(Please send the scanned or photo copy of the pay-in slip to

If you are interested to support AIT, please visit

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We recognize and appreciate all donors who have contributed to AIT as their beloved Alma Mater. Without you, we are unable to achieve our mission. Thank you for your tremendous support.