Meet Our Donors

We recognize and appreciate all donors who have contributed to AIT as their beloved Alma Mater.
We would highlight them a special alumni donors in giving through the Annual Gift Giving, Korea House Renovation and Upgrade School Laboratory Equipment. Without you, we are unable to achieve our mission. Thank you for your tremendous support.  

Annual Giving to AIT (2016 – 2020)

Dr. Khalid Siddiqi (SEC’ 80)
Mr. Weera Limjirakajorn (MoT’ 97)
Mr. Manoj K Jha (WRE’ 00)
Mr. Sarayoot Thongyot (STE’ 00)
Mr. Wasu Ngamsom (TC’ 98)
Mr. Thet Tun Oo (TC’ 98)
Mr. Santayan Roy (TC’ 96)
Mr. Thumanoon Susumpow (SEC’ 90)
Mr. Mehdi Berrada (IB’ 07)
Mr. Arun Manandhar (CSIM’ 93)
Mr. Manandhar Suman K. (CS’ 95)

Mr. Arun Manandhar (CSIM’ 93)
Mr. Thet Tun Oo (TC’ 98)